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Make OECD.Kappa catalogue type pages Mendeley compliant


For the Authoring environment, using Mendeley will be the standard. I.e. an author will use the Mendeley browser plugin to add publications they find on the web. iLibrary doesn't present the information of our publications correctly as to make the plugin useful on this site. Also, we don't have full control over iLibrary, so it would take a long time to change it.

Therefore, I suggest we make Kappa v3 Mendeley-compliant by exposing the right metadata in the <head> element of each publication page in Kv3, by following the recommendations by Mendeley here:


By no means are all these metadata required. From what I read on the page it takes them by order of preference.

Also, we can start small with what's available in the pyramid on the page before exploring links to parent serials (for ISSNs) for example.

For testing, one can install the plugin and click it when on a Kappa v3 page to see what metadata is being picked up.

To avoid you having to click the link, here's an extract of what the metadata should/could like:

<meta name="citation_title" content="Global and local fMRI signals driven by neurons defined optogenetically by type and wiring.">
<meta name="citation_authors" content="Lee, Jin Hyung; Durand, Remy; Gradinaru, Viviana; Zhang, Feng; Goshen, Inbal; Kim, Dae-Shik; Fenno, Lief E; Ramakrishnan, Charu; Deisseroth, Karl">
<meta name="citation_journal_title" content="Nature">
<meta name="citation_publisher" content="Nature Publishing Group">
<meta name="citation_issue" content="7299">
<meta name="citation_volume" content="465">
<meta name="citation_doi" content="10.1038/nature09108">
<meta name="citation_firstpage" content="788">
<meta name="citation_lastpage" content="792">
<meta name="citation_date" content="2010">
<meta name="citation_abstract_html_url" content="http://www.mendeley.com/research/global-local-fmri-signals-driven-neurons-defined-optogenetically-type-wiring-1/">
<meta name="citation_abstract_pdf_url" content="http://www.mendeley.com/download/public/3323481/3948897002/a485b448a8aa67f6319355609acbd9f55442ed1d/dl.pdf">

<meta name="eprints.title" content="Global and local fMRI signals driven by neurons defined optogenetically by type and wiring.">
<meta name="eprints.creators_name" content="Lee, Jin Hyung">
<meta name="eprints.creators_name" content="Durand, Remy">
<meta name="eprints.creators_name" content="Gradinaru, Viviana">
<meta name="eprints.creators_name" content="Zhang, Feng">
<meta name="eprints.creators_name" content="Goshen, Inbal">
<meta name="eprints.creators_name" content="Kim, Dae-Shik">
<meta name="eprints.creators_name" content="Fenno, Lief E">
<meta name="eprints.creators_name" content="Ramakrishnan, Charu">
<meta name="eprints.creators_name" content="Deisseroth, Karl">
<meta name="eprints.type" content="article">
<meta name="eprints.datestamp" content="2010-07-20 00:12:35">
<meta name="eprints.ispublished" content="pub">
<meta name="eprints.date" content="2010">
<meta name="eprints.date_type" content="published">
<meta name="eprints.publication" content="Nature">
<meta name="eprints.volume" content="465">
<meta name="eprints.pagerange" content="788-792">

<meta name="prism.volume" content="465">
<meta name="prism.number" content="7299">
<meta name="prism.startingPage" content="788">
<meta name="prism.endingPage" content="792">
<meta name="prism.publicationName" content="Nature">
<meta name="prism.issn" content="0028-0836">
<meta name="prism.publicationDate" content="2010">
<meta name="prism.doi" content="10.1038/nature09108">

<meta name="dc.title" content="Global and local fMRI signals driven by neurons defined optogenetically by type and wiring.">
<meta name="dc.publisher" content="Nature Publishing Group">
<meta name="dc.format" content="text/html">
<meta name="dc.creator" content="Jin Hyung Lee">
<meta name="dc.creator" content="Remy Durand">
<meta name="dc.creator" content="Viviana Gradinaru">
<meta name="dc.creator" content="Feng Zhang">
<meta name="dc.creator" content="Inbal Goshen">
<meta name="dc.creator" content="Dae-Shik Kim">
<meta name="dc.creator" content="Lief E Fenno">
<meta name="dc.creator" content="Charu Ramakrishnan">
<meta name="dc.creator" content="Karl Deisseroth">
<meta name="dc.identifier" content="pmid:20473285">
<meta name="dc.identifier" content="doi:10.1038/nature09108">
<meta name="dc.date" content="2010">
  • Carolina Tobon
  • Feb 3 2017
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