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Crossref/ITU submission file provided by Kappa v3

I think it would be interesting to have the following functionality:

For a given publication (book or serial level, not necessarily below, i.e. component), provide an XML that would conform to the Crossref metadata deposit XML schema.
It could be pre-filled with

  • the depositing agency (i.e. that would be us, and the current user's email address would be pre-filled)
  • for whom we deposit (could be any of the IGOs, can be deduced because of the publication's IGO value)
  • the DOI/Handle Id
  • the title
  • the iLibrary URL alias
  • for each of its potential components, the same
  • ... ? (I don't pretend to be complete here!)

This would provide valuable input for today's submission tool which is 100% manual, but also for tomorrow's microservice (uhem) which could use this as an input when it gets triggered by an event.

In the first case, we can download this file either manually or using curl on a list of publications/serials. In the second case, the microservice would receive the URL of this format in the message and then retrieve it in order to submit with either Crossref or ITU.

  • Claudia Tromboni
  • Mar 14 2017
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