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KAPPA auto-creates publication folder in T:\PAC\_final-submission\

When a KAPPA record is created for a publication, would it be possible that there is an automated process to create a folder using the correct syntax in T:\PAC\_final-submission\ ?

This will ensure that:

  • folder names follow the PAC standard, reducing the number of erroneously named folders (or duplicate folders for the same publication)
  • PAC has the access rights to modify/delete the folder.
  • simplify the process for authors and PAC (authors appear not to understand the difference between the DOI/OECDcode/ISBN)
  • reduce overall frustration and lost time creating/locating folders.

Thanks in advance,

Damian (& squad)

  • Damien G
  • Jul 26 2018
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  • Damien G commented
    26 Jul 08:44
  • Admin
    Claudia Tromboni commented
    13 Aug 09:08

    I really need to understand better what we are trying to obtain here.
    I will fix a meeting for your return from holidays

  • Sarah Salti commented
    27 Aug 11:58

    The idea seems good however this would not be necessary for some ebook only titles which are purely posted online such as third languages that are processed in Redmine.

  • Damien G commented
    04 Oct 09:52

    @Sarah, would you be able to create the folders?

    In the absence of a true CMS, one immediate solution would be that the folders are created when the KAPPA record is created.

    Plenty of potential gains! (see above ;) )