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Provide support for ITU Handle Ids


ITU will not be using DOIs. They are politically motivated to use an equivalent called Handle Id (they've kind of invented Handle Ids, so ....). Under the hood it's the same thing, so our model ought not to change.

Three content types will be hosted by iLibrary (and therefore need to be in Kappa v3):

  1. Books
  2. Components (chapters only at the moment)
  3. Serials

Books: ITU will provide us with existing Handle Ids which we will have to load with the rest of their metadata.

Components: ITU will not provide us with Handle Ids. We will have to use the parent Book's Handle Id and concatenate it with an identifier of the Component.

Serials: ITU will not provide us with Handle Ids. We will have to completely generate this ID (as we do for our own DOIs).

The Handle Id consists, as a DOI, of two parts, the prefix and the suffix:

For books:

----------- --------
  prefix   | suffix

This needs to be recorded as other metadata on upload.

For components:

----------- -------- --------
  prefix   | parent  component

This Handle Id we need to generate ourselves, but based on the component's parent book Handle Id.

For serials (note the different prefix):

------------------ --------
      prefix      | suffix

This Handle Id we need to fully generate ourselves (just as we would for our own DOIs).

  • Claudia Tromboni
  • Mar 14 2017
  • Shipped