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Create a new manifestation for POD objects

In discussions about the POD versions of our publications, with Sandrine, Meral and Francois (added as watchers), it became apparent that they are currently dissociated from Kappa v2. I.e. there is no easy way for a user to find the POD version of a publication. It should be noted that POD versions are different from our usual PDFs.

The principal recent use case we have to solve is this: A user in a directorate wants to have a publication reprinted (this happens more often than one might think). Right now, they have to get in touch with PAC through some complicated and lengthy work flow that usually ends up with us having to retrieve the files either from our local file storage or from the Cloud archive and put them on some temporary storage for the user to get it.

If each publication in Kappa v3 had a POD manifestation associated with it (where appropriate, of course), this user could just go to Kappa, find the publication, download the POD and be done with it.

Of course, things are a bit more complicated than that! Following a discussion with Meral, one can differentiate three cases:

# Description % of requests
1 Publications available for more than a year 10
2 Publications that are not yet published 60
3 Publications available for less than a year 30

Case 1 - Publications available for more than a year

These are most straight forward as they are stable in the sense that they have been published and it is rather unlikely (although not impossible) that there will be Corrigenda. Quantity-wise they represent the bulk of our publications. In terms of requests it's only 10% (see table above). However, there is mostly no need for a Production Editor or someone else to intervene. This could be done strictly on a self-service basis.

Case 2 - Publication that are not yet published

These publications, by the nature of them not yet being published, are not in Kappa v3. Therefore they will have to be handled differently. Given that they represent 60% of the requests it may make sense to review the process. But it is outside of the scope for a development for Kappa v3.

Case 3 - Publications available for less than a year

The problem with these publications is that they are more likely than the others to be subject to Corrigenda. For example, typically when translating an English version to French, errors are detected and then need to be pushed back into the English original. The period of one year was chosen with regard to the fact that by experience Corrigenda are rarely issued beyond that period, as well as the fact that many of our publications are serial (often annual), and therefore a Corrigendum is rarely issued beyond that period as the new edition supersedes the previous one.

The challenge here is to avoid Directorates retrieving a POD version that is in the process of being replaced by a corrected version. This windows can be up to a month long. We would need to give Production Editors the possibility to "block" the current POD version. This would then cause the display of a note saying that this version is currently being replaced by a corrected one. When uploading a new version, the "block" should consequently be removed.

  • Claudia Tromboni
  • Mar 14 2017
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