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Update Kappa v3 to use GMT as reference time zone

On Sunday, March 27 the clock moves forward again and Paris will be 2 hrs ahead again of GMT.


Any publications which are under embargo are exported to iLibrary to be displayed with GMT time. Time in Kappa is administered using Paris time may therefore be 2 hrs ahead of the time displayed on iLibrary.


Normally with works fine, however this causes issues with those (few?) early morning embargoes – set between 00:00 and 01:59 am (00:59 am in winter). These cannot be released correctly, because of this difference..


The current export algorithm calculates the GMT time by deducting 2 hrs (1hrs in winter) from the time which results in a negative time.

Example:  The system export an embargoed title set for 01:30 AM as -00:30 (!) which is not possible and 00:00 is used instead.


Pascale and Francois have expressed their preference for updating Kappa v3 to use GMT as reference time zone

  • Claudia Tromboni
  • Mar 23 2017
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