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API usage tracking

While we have the bits and pieces in place on the Kappa v3, and more specifically, the rxq level, so far we're not doing anything with this plumbing infrastructure.

This idea is about actually sending the event information that can be collected to another database. Once in that database, another application, dashboard-style, should display statistics about Kappa v3 usage in real-time. For example:

  • usage over time per day (a column chart for the day, starting at 0h00, one bar per hour) showing the number of connections (accesses)
  • user over all time (a column chart where we add the number of connections per day), adding one day every day
  • top 10 users (a list of names and the number of connections per user, could also be a bar chart); colour-coded to differentiate people from applications
  • pie chart of people vs machine users
  • top 10 API endpoints (endpoint + verb)
  • list of currently connected users (real-time)
  • pie chart of requests using an API key vs without one
  • pie chart of successful vs failed requests (i.e. where rxq cannot find the requested route)
  • distribution of users by the highest privileges they have (i.e. some kind of, pie?, chart that gives us an idea whether too many users have a privilege that's inappropriate for their usage
  • list of groups (i.e. directorates) that use the API and their aggregated requests


This idea is based on this story (which is now closed): https://pacps01.oecd.org/redmine/issues/11609

  • Jakob Fix
  • May 24 2017
  • Shipped
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