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Use semantics to tag objects in Kv3

Here is an interesting use case: Linda needs to provide usage statistics on "countries covered" by the Organisation, and more globally on regions and continents (Africa for example).

For this to work, the objects need to be tagged accordingly throughout. Although the corresponding fields exist (countries and regions) in Kappa v3, they are not always filled in as they aren't mandatory. It would be useful if we could have the Organisation's semantic enrichment engine (Luxid) extract the countries (and deduce the concerned regions from there) from the full-text PDF or XML that are covered by a given publication.

This extraction would have to run asynchronously on loading. The extracted topics and countries should be treated as "candidates", i.e. an editor would need to confirm or remove the suggested concepts. It is unclear how this type of user would get alerted to the fact that candidate entries need to be confirmed our removed.

Certain inheritance mechanisms could be envisaged (they may already exist unbeknownst to me; if not they may need further analysis and confirmation), such as:

  • a Publication could inherit any such terms from its multilingual summary if any
  • a Publication could inherit any such terms from its chapters if they have any
  • a Serial may have its terms trickle down to any children

Given the aforementioned needs, it may become useful to expose these items as facets (as is already the case with the "main theme").

For reference here is the request that Linda received:

"How many publications/items/books we have on iLibrary that reference Africa, each country in Africa, and each of the other continents?"

The phrase "we have on iLibrary" makes things slightly more complicated as Linda would need to select the countries (or regions) and add the "Available" value of the "Availability Status" facet.

Assigning to Claudia for functional analysis and prioritization.

  • Claudia Tromboni
  • May 31 2017
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