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Add ORCID ids for authors

ORCID is an international open standard to identify authors [1]. In Kappa (and more generally at OECD), we currently only have our own internal ID for authors.

There is interest from downstream discovery partners to see ORCID ids in the Discovery Services (as reported by James Kitchen recently post-Frankfurt 2017).

It would certainly be interesting to share this idea with DKI/KIS as they maintain a number of 'global' taxonomies (like countries) and to see how to maintain this centrally. Otherwise, we can of course maintain our own taxonomy as we do already.

For Kappa it should be sufficient to add another identifier (the ORCID id) to the taxonomy. The exports would need to be updated in consequence. We might want to display an author with its ORCID id (maybe as a link of the author name).

There is also the mapping of existing authors to their ORCID ids to take into consideration. Also, and maybe more importantly, as we can't force authors to have an ORCID id, there would be considerable 'holes' in the beginning where a majority of authors won't have such an id.


[1] https://orcid.org/

  • Jakob Fix
  • Oct 17 2017
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