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Add Working Papers to the IGO Reports available in OECD.Kappa or have a separate report

UN and CW have “working papers” as part of their catalogues and these title should be, ideally, in the IGO Books – List of IGO (non-OECD) books with core metadata including languages report to have their catalogue in one complete single report.


If this is not possible then a need is to have a separate report called “IGO Working papers” – “List of IGO (non-OECD) working papers with core metadata including languages” with the following columns:


  • IGO
  • Authors
  • Working Paper title
  • Working Paper sub-title
  • DOI
  • Date of publication
  • Abstract
  • Main theme
  • Other themes
  • Country
  • Series title
  • Series ISSN
  • Language
  • Publisher
  • Guest
  • Nov 24 2017
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