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Delete Datasets Editions 0/0 (never exported) and Amend archiving process

When a Dataset Edition is being archived, Kappa asks whether it should "Create Next Edition Dataset".

When there is no new Edition to create, we uncheck this box, but Kappa still creates a dummy Dataset Edition, with the following attributes:

  • Edition year ="0"
  • Edition number = "0"
  • Status = "Discontinued" (with two exceptions that have Status = "Not yet available" because they had been made available by mistake, one having been exported and deleted from iLibrary)

These dummy records should never be exported.

NB: the one case which has been exported by mistake now shows "Content deleted". (cf. http://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/social-issues-migration-health/data/oecd-international-migration-statistics/immigrants-in-oecd-countries-edition-0-0_64b6b0bb-en)



Many dummy records have been created and pollute Kappa, with the risk that they get exported by mistake. The archiving process creates these dummy records for purely technical reasons, most likely because a link"isArchiveOf" was required to map archives to a live dataset edition. However it is now agreed that this link "isArchiveOf" is not required since the link "MainParent" can be used instead to directly track archives attached to a Database (without going through a live dataset)



So, could you please:

  • Delete all **dummy** Dataset Editions with
    • Edition year ="0"
    • Edition number = "0"
  • Make sure that the list of archives of a Database is found through the "MainParent" link
  • Amend archiving process so as not to create any more of these dummy records


For reference, the dummy Dataset Editions fit into the "Dataset 10" in the Dataset Links model attached. 


Thank you very much!

  • Ludivine Baudouin
  • Dec 6 2017
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