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Add OECD.org export information to embargo repoort

I'd like to add information about the export to OECD.org to the embargo calendar. This calendar bases itself on the Kv3 embargo report which already has information about iLibrary export, Keepeek export and whether the FTI has been loaded on iLibrary.

It would provide even more information to users than today.

  • Jakob Fix
  • Dec 11 2017
  • Will not implement
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  • Jakob Fix commented
    December 15, 2017 07:47

    It appears that we don't currently have feedback from the OECD.org export channel to record when an item was successfully exported. Therefore, this idea cannot be implemented until we have this information.

    Note: In Kappa v2, we already have the line "OECD.org export" but it's never filled inĀ for the reason given above.

  • Admin
    Claudia Tromboni commented
    27 Aug 14:56

    as this idea cannot be implement it and we need to redo this export, for the momen I mark it as will not implement.

    We will need to retrieve the information when T4 will not be an issue any more