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File upload screen improvements

In the File upload screen, the actual upload button "Select" is relatively obscure and small. Also, the explanation was thought to be not fully clear. Suggested changes:

  • Move the upload form up (before the explanation)
  • Increase the "Select" button size, reduce the form field that holds the file name(s)
  • Increase the "Upload" button size and make overall form more consistent (it looks like disparate parts instead of one unit)
  • Explanation section (the "blue stuff") is currently in a div that can be closed. It should not be closable
  • Upload seems to be automatic (i.e. it happens as soon as files have been selected); then we don't need the "Upload" button
  • Claudia Tromboni
  • Dec 13 2017
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  • Admin
    Claudia Tromboni commented
    23 Jan 17:59