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Add BISAC to OECD theme mapping

For certain partners, it is obligatory if we could provide the BISAC Subjects instead of/in addition to our own themes.

First, we would add the BISAC subject codes/labels to Kappa v3; second we would map these two each IGO's own themes. Beginning with OECD's themes, because at the moment it's only requested for ONIX exports for OECD publications.

Thierry Guillebault has kindly provided a mapping he's already using. It is attached. We could extend this when/if necessary.


See here https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Book_Industry_Study_Group and here http://bisg.org/page/BISACEdition 

  • Jakob Fix
  • Jan 29 2018
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  • Admin
    Claudia Tromboni commented
    06 Feb 14:44

    Anne can you review and confirm the mapping so I can plan this issue?

  • Jakob Fix commented
    07 Feb 09:46

    I have asked Thierry Vebr if he would be interested in maintaining this taxonomy for the Organisation, and am waiting for a response from him. If so, we could regularly update their taxonomy  (in case there are changes).


    The mapping should still be checked on our end and shared with Thierry V.

  • Jakob Fix commented
    07 Feb 10:37

    Thierry est OK de regarder.

  • Thierry Vebr commented
    07 Feb 14:16

    I add a look on the BISAC web site ; if we want to get all the BISAC codes to incorporate them into a taxonomy and make an alignment with the Kappa Themes, it's not free. Do you already have this list of codes ? Thierry's Excel file has only the aligned codes.

  • Jakob Fix commented
    19 Apr 09:18

    This now becomes more urgent because one of the potential ONIX clients, the Brookings Institution in the United States, requires BISAC codes for each product. They won't accept our ONIX before it has these codes.