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Provide more information about the current content in the browser's tab title

At the moment, any browser window of Kappa v3 only contains "OECD.Kappa". If you have many many tabs open (which I think happens frequently), it is easy to get lost.

I would suggest the following:

  • "[Publication title] - OECD.Kappa" for a given publication (i.e. where the URL contains /metadata/...)
  • "Search results - OECD.Kappa" for a search (i.e. where the URL contains /search)
  • "Reports - OECD.Kappa" for reports (where the URL contains /report, shouldn't that be /reports? ;-) ) 
  • "Administration - OECD.Kappa" for the admin interface (where the URL contains /admin)
  • "Add by form - OECD.Kappa" for URLs with /add-form
  • "Add files - OECD.Kappa" for URLs with /add-file


See the screenshot for how this looks like today (one tab is a search result, the other one is for a publication, but you wouldn't know without looking at the tab content).

  • Jakob Fix
  • Mar 14 2018
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  • Admin
    Claudia Tromboni commented
    16 Mar 14:03

    J'imagine que pour faire cette story il y a une partie API d'abord (que Basheer pourrait prendre) et ensuite l'implementation sur le user interface (pour Bertrand) ? 

  • Jakob Fix commented
    19 Mar 14:41

    Non, toute l'information que j'aimerai qu'on affiche se trouve deja dans le XML recupere par le frontend. Il s'agit ici simplement de faire apparaitre certaines informations supplementaires dans l'element <title> de la page HTML.  Si c'etait une taille de T-shirt, je dirais XS. ;-)