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Change the DOI link from dx.doi.org to doi.org and use HTTPS

In line with Crossref recommendations [1], we should coordinate with Ingenta the switch from the currently used format






This will mean:

  1. OECD: Make the change in Kappa v3
  2. We will also have to run the export to update the repository with the new form and commit it
  3. Ask Ingenta At the same time (or thereabout, which is why it needs to be coordinated with Ingenta) to make the same change in their database
  4. Ask Crossref to do an update in their database also at the same time. We don't need to do this, as the DOIs' targets don't change. My bad.


If we don't coordinate with Ingenta and both parties make the change on their end, we will have to reexport all hundreds of thousands of items.


By the way, it is somewhat unfortunate that we don't just export the actual DOI and the service provider adapts dynamically to the current recommended practice ... :-(


[1] https://www.crossref.org/display-guidelines/

  • Jakob Fix
  • Mar 23 2018
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  • Admin
    Claudia Tromboni commented
    28 Mar 15:39

    I move this to the iLibrary project because the Kappa part comes after concertation with Ingenta, which is Remko's field


  • Jakob Fix commented
    28 Mar 15:47