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Use oe.cd short URLs as an intermediate URL for the READ URL

At the moment we have some problems with the generation of the QR codes that are placed on the back cover of our publications:

  1. the QR code needs to be created at a time when the Keepeek URL is not yet ready
  2. the Keepeek URL is very long and creates a complex QR code (lots of small blocks that are more difficult to scan)

It would therefore be a solution to use oe.cd short URLs which redirect to the final Keepeek URLs:

  1. the URL is very short, therefore the QR is simple, with big blocks that an app can easily scan
  2. we can change the target of the short URL later via the admin interface (and potentially the API)
  3. we have an API that can be used programmatically to obtain a short URL (and the QR code)
  4. integration into the existing workflow is relatively simple.
  • Jakob Fix
  • Mar 23 2018
  • Planned