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Archives grouped at the bottom of the "is main parent of" list

Databases are "Main parent" for 4 types of objects:
  • Dataset group
  • Dataset updating
  • Dataset edition
  • Dataset archive
The first 3 items are live objects whereas the archives are just stored there and are not managed after they're published.
The list of Archives can be very long, and this potentially makes the "is main parent of" list very long too. So it would be helpful if the archives were grouped together at the bottom of the list and be visually separated from the 3 types of live items.
Many thanks!
  • Ludivine Baudouin
  • Apr 20 2018
  • Already exists
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  • Ludivine Baudouin commented
    20 Apr 12:32

    It would also help if the order of the individual items in the list could be improved (alphabetic?)

    Not sure what's the order based on currently... 

  • Admin
    Claudia Tromboni commented
    15 May 10:54

    Ludivine, this will be shown completely differently so I will pass this into "already exists" and you can give your comments on the new UI, ok?

  • Ludivine Baudouin commented
    15 May 11:39