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allow different order number for English and French components

Currently, the metadata loader requires that a component (chapter, graph, table) has the same order number in all languages. If not, there is a mismatch and order numbers must be changed manually. If the mismatch is noticed  and corrected late in the process the result is that the order of components is different in iLibrary and in the book.


Moreover, this means that usually the English alphabetical order is applied to other languages where this order doesn't make sense. This is particularly relevant for the country specific component.

For instance, in French books, "Allemagne" would normally be the first country, but because of the strict application of order number, "Allemagne" is often placed after "France" and before "Grèce", "République Tchèque" comes after "Chili" and before "Danemark", etc.



  1. (Taxing wages 2014) English order in the French book, see sequence of graphs over pages 98-131 at https://read.oecd-ilibrary.org/taxation/les-impots-sur-les-salaires-2014_tax_wages-2014-fr#page98
  2. (Taxing wages 2015) Uncorrected mismatch, see French expression of "Australia 2014: Average tax wedge decomposition" at http://kappa.oecd.org/v3/metadata/g2g646b3

  3. (Taxing wages 2016) Mismatch corrected late in the process, see 1st graph in chapter 4 at https://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/taxation/les-impots-sur-les-salaires-2016_tax_wages-2016-fr
    • in the book: Allemagne 2015 : décomposition du coin fiscal moyen
    • in iLibrary: Australie 2015 : décomposition du coin fiscal moyen
  • Ludivine Baudouin
  • Apr 25 2018
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  • Ludivine Baudouin commented
    06 Jun 13:42

    In Kappa v3 the various language versions of country components (chapter, graph, table) could be mapped to each other through their ISO code (whereas in Kappa v2 they are mapped through their order number).

    This would avoid mismatch and allow display rules for iLibrary to be alphabetical in each language version.


    For instance, a TOC in Kappa could look something like this:

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter AUS

    Chapter AUT


    Chapter USA


    And a List of graphs in Kappa could look something like this:

    Graph 1.1

    Graph 1.2

    Graph aus.1

    Graph aus.2

    Graph aut


  • Admin
    Claudia Tromboni commented
    16 Aug 10:04

    The issue here is the following,

    • In kappa we need to link an english chapter with the corresponding french chapter which is its translation
    • The table of contents, indicates which chapters are contained in the publication. It is the indication of the structure and is shown at work level, so it will be the same for all languages
    • The point above does not mean that you have to show the same order everywhere: one platform might choose to show the chapters in alphabetical order in the language, others not. The book is just another way to arrange the content andcan publish in different alphabetical order

    Of course the problem is to create chapters with the metadata loader and/or narrdoc and be able to do it with a rule that works all the time, in all cases.

    Will work on the technical team to search for a solution

  • Ludivine Baudouin commented
    03 Oct 10:55

    To be precise: this applies not only to chapters, but also to tables and graphs.

  • Admin
    Claudia Tromboni commented
    03 Oct 12:57

    this is a new development for the metadata loader so not considered to be Minimum Vital product for KV2 decommission.

    Moved to 2019